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"The leadership and wider team closed off 2021 in a much better place in their work, balance and optimism for the future and a significant part of that credit is down to the support and appropriate level of challenge Paul brought to our strategic reflections. It really made a difference."

Adrian Kearney, Director International Baccalaureate World Schools

"I continue to work with tèn company and would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to drive continued sustainable profitable growth"

Pascale Meulemeester, President Barry Callebaut Japan

It's not the talk that creates change,
it's the walk

We help companies unlock their purpose and turn their strategy into the results they want to achieve. Integrating strategy, strategy execution and the whole people side of execution.

Our clients embed our Strategy execution operating system® into the routine of their own organisation. 

We've implemented this operating system with global public companies with revenues varying from one billion Euro to local companies with a size of one or two million Euro's. We've also implemented it for NGO's and not-for-profit organisations around the world. The beauty is that this methodology can be basically be implemented for any size of organisation.

Please let us know if you want to have this conversation with us.