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Client relations

A sincere thank you to the organizations hereunder who are trusting us with their business. We feel privileged to work with the leadership teams and business leaders who lead their organizations to navigate through change.

We serve clients worldwide every week. A partial client list includes:




Health Care


Non Governmental Organisations (NGO)


Fast Moving Consumer Goods/Food







Not for profit


Education / Universities

We never work for companies that are in direct competition in the same market. We allow at least 18 months when we work for companies who are in direct competition. If you see a direct competitor listed on our client list; it does not mean that we work for them currently. Please contact us if you want to discuss a potential mission with us. Of course we cannot disclose the type of work we have done for another organisation, unless they have given us their explicit permission to do so.

95% of our missions come from referrals in our network. If you are new to our firm, we are happy to connect you to some of our existing relations. So you can hear from them how they experience our added value and services.