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iCareer English version of our book published spring 2015

This spring we will publish our book: iCareer. Based on the Dutch version that we released last year. Since then, we got numerous requests to publish an English version of our book. With this step, we expect to give even more people around the globe access to our pragmatic and proven methodology. To assist them to plan and execute their career in a very effective way.

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith wrote the foreword of our book:
"Helping talented people seeing themselves at their true size in the mirror is at the heart of the coaching work that Herman and Paul do.Throughout the years, the've coached so many people successfully take it to the next level in their performance. With this book, they bring their successful approach to a wider audience to enable them to benefit from their experience. This book is easy and fun to read. You'll find very pragmatic tools to support your journey."

You can already reserve your English (or Dutch) copy by sending us an email via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please find our 1 minute English trailer here.