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Strategy execution programs

Market research shows that more than 85% of CEO’s are satisfied with their strategy. But only 15% of CEO’s are convinced that the execution of the strategic plan is good.

This means that there is an enormous loss of potential for the business and makes you wary when making big changes.

Our approach is very pragmatic. We concentrate primarily on improving and monitoring the execution. We work in three ways:
  • Determine the strategy in cooperation with the team
  • Design the execution plans in cooperation with all departments
  • Monitor progress proactively

Click for the scheme 'Change Management'.

Our experience shows us that in most organisations there are insufficient resources for both implementing and monitoring change. First of all, there is the tendency of departments to work in their own silos. And secondly, there is rarely enough capacity to proactively look at the performance of the business.

This means that the strategy implementation and company results are not in line with each other. The management team usually thinks that the monthly results will show, in a timely way, if the business is on track. And that’s where the problems begin. The management team learns about the issues simply too late. And there is no time to make an effective intervention in the business.

Herman ​van ​Herterijck and Neil have been instrumental in translating our 5-year strategy​-​into​-​action for France ​for 2017/18 ​which is our key must win gourmet market for our Global Gourmet Brand Cacao Barry.

The​ir​ unique S​strategy-into-action​ approach has once again been successful to align our team behind one shared goal and define clear priorities into a balanced business plan to further accelerate and premiumize our brand in an engaging and pragmatic way.

Pascale Meulemeester
Vice President Global Gourmet Brand Marketing
Barry Callebaut

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