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Qualitative communication

A few weeks ago, Herman and I participated in the international conference for Executive Coaching in New York. During this conference, we had amongst other things the opportunity to discover and discuss Marshall Goldsmith’s brand new book: Mojo. This book will only be available here in autumn, but you can already order it now in America, on

In the United States, ‘Mojo’ is a well-known expression, but in the Benelux, it is quite unknown. Probably, our concept "flow" is the best synonym for it. I would define it as follows: ‘the positive attitude in what you are doing right now; it starts from the inside and others can see it on the outside’.

For his new book, Marshall did some particularly interesting research. He scientifically determined which percentage of all (!) communication between people is about:
  1. showing how good, smart, funny and nice they are (showing off) and
  2. proving how stupid, incompetent and bad other people are. (backbiting)
This research has shown that 65% - yes, it is really true - 65% of all communication between people concerns these topics.

Imagine what would happen to a company if we could reduce this percentage only a little bit? Imagine how much time for qualitative communication this would create in a company? People are responsible for a company’s coherent structure. This would allow them to send out the right messages. The receivers would be prepared to get the message right. This would lead to an open and more dynamic organization, with employees focusing on the future instead of the past. Eventually, the result for the organization would be better performances and a better bottom line.


By Paul Donkers

"my purpose is to help improve strategy execution, to create high performing teams and coach for effective business leaders"

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