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Personal Development Roadmap®

In the past, almost exclusively companies were investing in their people. During the past five years, we have however been noticing that more and more professionals started investing in themselves. Where does this trend come from? The Baby-Boom Generation (born between1945-1955) is disappearing from the market. They grew up with lifetime employment. Loyalty towards their employer was self-evident. Meanwhile, Generation X (born between 1956-1970) is in control. Nowadays, their impact is at its top. During their youth, they saw newspaper headlines announcing mass layoffs. They know all too well that companies need to constantly adapt themselves in order to stay competitive, which might mean that their job can also become redundant. Moreover, they know that the organization they are working for, isn’t always able to offer them a new challenge. Just think about the problems most companies have to get true autonomous growth. Generation X is just as loyal as the Baby-Boom Generation, but with the only difference that the 'X-er' is loyal towards the mission.

Usually, Generation X is rather performing a mission within periods between four and seven years. Often, such a mission follows this pattern:
  1. They use the first year in order to take the strategic decisions, possibly reorganize and put their team together.
  2. During the second and the third year, they are focusing on the goals.
  3. Between the fourth and the seventh year, they are reaping the benefits of their efforts. Alongside this, they are preparing their own transition: either internally, either externally.

Effectively going through the mission loyalty process requires a new approach, which we have called the Personal Development Roadmap®.
  1. Which direction do I want for my career? Which are my priorities?
  2. Reflection: What is driving me? In what way am I different from others?
  3. How effective is my communication? Do I currently show the behavior associated with the level at which I am or want to be active?
  4. What do I still need to develop? Do I dare to invest in my development myself? Do I see myself realistically when I take a look in the mirror?
  5. Do I have a career strategy corresponding to the objectives I defined for myself?
  6. Which tangible results can I show? Which growth have I realized for my former employers? Which savings have I realized?
  7. How do I complete my current mission in a professional way? How do I make sure that I won’t leave too early or too late?
  8. What is my reputation? How do the people around me look at me? Have I got my own reputation under control?
  9. Do I have a relevant and professional network? Did I invest in order to reap the benefits of my efforts now that I need my network? Does my network know what I am capable of and that I am available?
Obviously, Generation X is dealing in a fundamentally different way with its career management than the Baby-Boom Generation.

We'd love to hear your experiences. To do so, please join the conversation hereunder.

Have a nice weekend!


By Paul Donkers

"my purpose is to help improve strategy execution, to create high performing teams and coach for effective business leaders"

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