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‘Pleasure after work’ or to ‘take pleasure in work’…?

This sounds like a pun, but it’s the essence of our lives. Since we spend so many important hours at work it’s of primordial importance that we like what we really like our jobs. Nothing is ever perfect and we know the extremes all too well: on one side the workaholics who put work before anything, resulting in burnouts and failed relationships, and on the other side work boredom where the job is utterly disliked and often results in depression. This is why I systematically ask my candidates: ‘How do you feel on Sunday evening?’ Do you, after an exiting weekend, look forward to going back to work, get satisfaction in meaning something for the company and yourself… or are you bummed that you have to go again?

The big challenge in this context goes two ways:
  • First and foremost respect a healthy work-life balance
  • And secondly like the work you have to do
If today you feel like something isn’t right in this area, you have to realise that ‘you are in charge of your own life!’ and you can change a lot about it. Waiting for better days or a miracle isn’t recommended. Life is too important and short! This is why we, when coaching, spend a lot of time on understanding someone’s ‘drivers’, the things that motivate you. Starting with your current situation we’ll make a Personal Development Passport with a plan of activities to maximise your happiness. I will give you some tips:
  • Make one agenda with private and work activities
  • Synchronise everything, not just with your colleagues and secretary but also with your partner! Pro-active communication is essential.
  • Check your to-do’s at the start of every day
    • And arrange them according to priority
    • Cross out what’s not important
    • Dare to delegate, there are often things you don’t like but which your colleagues might find very interesting!
Like Churchill said: ‘Plans are nothing, planning is everything’.
  • Plan enough time in between your activities, especially when you have to go into the busy traffic.
  • The activities you don’t like to do, evaluate why, find the reason and more than often you will find that you can do something to make it more pleasurable.
  • Do the same for all the little things that annoy you every day, and make your workspace pleasant.

By Herman van Herterijck

"my ambition is to put the importance of pragmatic and continuous self-coaching on the agenda of current business leaders"

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